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New sports related podcast founded by local residents

In a world today where hip-hop music and e-sports are taking the world by storm, a local podcast is going against the grain in a unique way. Peyton Taylor and Jackson Finch, two local cousins from the Union and Lee County areas, respectively, have embarked on a new project, a sports-oriented podcast by the name of “Cousin Cast.”

This podcast contains a variety of sports topics such as NCAA, NFL, NBA, PGA and much more. However, one of the differences that sets this project apart from others is the assortment of non-sports related content that will go up on the channel. For instance, these cousins share their opinions on entertainment such as movies, music, television shows, etc.

Multiple episodes have already premiered, tackling topics such as NBA Free Agency, SEC Football betting lines, and Spider-Man: Far from Home. Unreleased episodes will venture into a variety of topics, like Kawhi Leonard and Paul George’s move to the Los Angeles Clippers, The Office, and the British Open, which will premiere soon.

As of now, Cousin Cast is releasing weekly episodes on Tuesday, with occasional bonus episodes dropping on surprise dates. For updates on the podcast, make sure to follow the social media accounts on Facebook at “Cousin Cast”, Instagram at “cousincast”, and Twitter at “castcousin.”

Biographies on the Hosts

Peyton Taylor- Peyton lives currently in Union County and attends Northeast Mississippi Community College. He attended Nettleton School District for most of his life, until he transferred to West Union Attendance Center for all four of his high school years. He was a four-year member of the Eagle Basketball team and is a member of the West Union Hall of Fame. At Northeast, he is a statistician for NEMCCTV and the Sports Information Department. As a sports fan, he roots for Ole Miss in every NCAA sport, the New York Giants in the NFL, the Memphis Grizzlies in the NBA, and Rory McIlroy in the PGA.

Jackson Finch- Jackson has lived in Lee County as a resident of the city of Saltillo his whole life. He attended Saltillo high school where he played basketball all 4 years and was on the golf team for 2 years. Starting this fall, he will also attend Northeast Mississippi Community College and serve as a statistician for NEMCCTV and the Sports Information Department alongside his cousin Peyton. When it comes to college sports, Jackson is the polar opposite of Peyton rooting for Mississippi State. In professional sports, Jackson’s teams of choice are the Pittsburgh Steelers, Los Angeles Lakers, and his favorite golfer is Rickie Fowler.

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