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New Albany and Union county schools and sporting events cancelled next week

New Albany schools will be closed next week, causing all athletic events to also be cancelled.

From NASD:

The following is an official Statement from Dr. Lance Evans, Superintendent. Please read statement carefully and in its entirety for important information.

Administrators and leaders from the New Albany School District have been meeting throughout the day (March 13, 2020) to determine the best course of action for our students and staff members. Our school board and administrative team are committed to making safety and health a top priority for our students. This afternoon, President Donald Trump issued a national emergency for our country.

After learning of this information, the decision has been made to close school for students and staff during the week of March 16-20. In addition, all school events, athletic events, and athletic practices have been suspended until at least March 23. Next week, the administrative team will continue to meet and work to make informed decisions regarding our students, their education, and their health and safety.

We plan to provide an official update on Tuesday, March 17. Please follow New Albany School District on Facebook and Twitter for important announcements.

From UCSD:

The Union County School District administrators and leaders have been monitoring and planning strategies to address the Coronavirus. President Donald Trump has declared the Coronavirus a National Emergency for our country. The Union County School Board, superintendent, and administrators are committed to making sure the health and safety of our staff and students are a top priority. Therefore, spring break will be extended for the week of March 16-20. All sporting events and school activities will be suspended until at least March 23rd.

The School Board and administration will continue to monitor the situation and make decisions regarding the best interest for our students and staff. Updates will be provided through social media and our school information system.

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